Thursday, November 10, 2005

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rant fiesta

Spotted in Young Avengers issue 8, a full page of art devoted to a Daily Bugle article on the regrouping of the title team.

Scan of a page from Young Avengers issue 8

But if you look down at the text to read the article, and why wouldn't you, when they've printed it at a fully readable size and they've made this page the first page of story content in the issue, you find that it's just filler, greeked text to simulate an article.

Close-up of a page from Young Avengers issue 8

So sloppy, especially when you look back at page 1 of issue 1 and see that a similar newspaper article page sported genuine written text and not just greeked filler.

Come on, creative teams. It'd take you ten minutes to come up with phony article text, and readers wouldn't focus on it that much. The greeked stuff stands out more for its lack of effort. And listing the byline as "Lorem Ipsum" is not a clever inside joke, it's just irritating.

* * *

Spotted before the absolutely loveable and crazy Wallace and Gromit movie, a trailer for Disney's latest feature, Chicken Little. Apparently (and I say this not having seen the film, so there's your caveat), the title character's father is a widower. Another dead/missing Disney mother? Seriously, should there be an Animated Women in Refrigerators website for these ladies?

* * *

Dear enlightened modern parents: Please stop bringing your under-12 children to the live show of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Really. Love, Kitty

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