Sunday, November 27, 2005

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velvety goodness

Nuts, and typical: just when I get back into reading the adventures of The Velvet Marauder and add the feed to my feedreader, the blog goes on hiatus. Damn! Many big fuzzy kudos to Dave Campbell for all of the excellent and hilarious writing so far - hopefully the blog will resurface at some point. If you haven't already read it, head on over and start back at the beginning of the archives. Great way to completely blow a day's work!

Fan art drawing of The Velvet Marauder

Velvet Marauder fan art by Kitty

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1 grkgrl88   (1:47pm - Nov 28, 2005)

I'm a VM fan too and sad that it's going on hiatus. I haven't read the blog from the beginning, though, so at least I have that to look forward to. Nice fanart!

2 David Campbell   (4:06pm - Nov 30, 2005)

I love it.

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