Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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help save the Brattle Theater!

An announcement for anyone in the greater Boston area, anyone who loves Harvard Square, and any fans of indy cinema:

The Brattle Theatre is in rough financial situation. The Brattle Film Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates the theatre, is currently running a fundraising campaign. If they don't reach their financial goals, they will be forced to close the Brattle Theatre, a Harvard Square landmark with 52 years of history under its belt.

Please, if you can, help these guys out and contribute toward their fundraising campaign. The Brattle is an important part of Cambridge culture and a unique spot in Harvard Square. This theatre puts on film festivals, shows indy movies that wouldn't have a home otherwise, and hosts book readings and other live events.

The Brattle sits in a dear spot in my heart - so many great memories involve that crazy place. The time I dragged my friends to see Audition and we all walked out traumatized! That trippy movie that Magical Scrabbleman B and I saw about teenagers getting the vote and running the nation into anarchy (Wild in the Streets)! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with my mom, Repo Man with my college friends, Vera Drake and countless others by myself.

At the Brattle, I saw Bruce Campbell demonstrate stunts from Evil Dead, Chuck Palahniuk tell creepy stories about his childhood, and Chris Ware drone deadpan narration while his comics were shown as slides on the movie screen. And speaking of comics, the Brattle makes an unnamed appearance in Geraniums and Bacon #3 - it's the arthouse theater in "Kitty Goes to the Movies".

Harvard Square is in a rough spot in general these days. Every week, it seems like another shop has moved out and left a sad window in its place, empty except for the "Space for Lease" sign. Please help keep the indy spirit of Harvard Square alive and prevent the Brattle Theatre from becoming another empty space for rent.

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1 Jeph!   (11:38am - Jan 6, 2006)

Hey, I've read G&B #3 -- and based on what I read there, I'll contribute to the Brattle fund if they promise to clean their floors.


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