Thursday, December 29, 2005

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east anglia is a cold, cold place

Till North Norfolk! dah-dahhhhh!

It is so freaking cold over here in England. There's actual snow on the ground for more than a day - a first for me! - and my toes are about to fall off and I'm going to float away for all this tea.

Here's one for you - if you go to London, you should visit the Design Museum, because it's great. Website's kind of lame, though. They make a big show out of it having won awards. I demand to see the award criteria! Flash-based sites that spawn titchy browser windows and hide the navigation win no awards in Kittyland.

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1 Larry   (1:13pm - Dec 29, 2005)

How long are you away in me old homeland? Enjoy the fish and chips! *envy*

*hug* Hope you'll be back for Arisia.


2 Teresa   (10:21am - Jan 1, 2006)

East Anglia! What are you doing way over there?

3 Kitty   (7:45pm - Jan 1, 2006)

Just got back today from ten days of visiting the rellies (plus stopping by London). Hooray for England! Except that in the winter it can be a desolate godforsaken place. Lovely green fields, and at the same time, biting icy cold and darkness around 4. Oh England, you big tease.

Larry! Are you from there originally? I will totally follow up with you about this!

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