Thursday, January 12, 2006

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I read an interesting little blog called information aesthetics, and a short while back they posted on the "emotional wardrobe", clothing that responds to the wearer's body through sensors and translates changes through light displays.

Every single thing in my head wraps back around to comics, because when I read this, the first thing I thought was, Oh man! That's just like that issue of that sci-fi Archie book Archie 3000, when Veronica bought the synthesizer that let her change her outfit using her thoughts!

Panels from *Archie 3000* showing Veronica using a thought-based outfit transformer

And because it's an Archie comic, naturally, hilarity ensues: Veronica's outfit synthesizer starts to respond to her emotions as well. Comedy gold!

Panels from *Archie 3000* showing Veronica's outfit  unexpectedly changing to match her emotions

I only ever bought three issues of Archie 3000, but man, it wrecked my head. That was one strange comic.

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1 Adrian   (7:20am - Jan 14, 2006)

Apparently in the future everyone will have horrifyingly awful hair.

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