Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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like a pro

Dear hipster coders: Please promote your development projects professionally. I'd like to be able to share your Ajax library with my boss without worrying that your description says "helps you get shit done" or "makes the code suck less" or that it refers to "pimping", "making love", or "sexiness".

Argh! The crossover between work and play is frustrating. Blogs serve up a combo platter of professional developer articles and personal expression. It's more than likely that when I browse to someone's blog for an article on a new CSS layout technique, when I scroll up or down, I'll find a screencap from a pornographic Transformers fan video or rude road sign. And I'm completely fine with this, really - in real life, I swear like a sailor and make the most suggestive comments possible. It's just so squirmingly awkward when I'm sitting at work in my shared office space, hoping that the guy behind me doesn't turn around and see the naughties on my monitor. I'm researching for work! I swear! ::attempts to hide site sporting a "Suicide Girls" ad::

I cut slack when it comes to blogs, though. They're mostly personal space. For non-personal sites, however, I have no patience. I'll be the one to say it: laid-back writing makes your work look less professional. It makes me less likely to take your product seriously. Yes, maybe you have the Mad Skillz and the Raw Power, but if your online portfolio is labelled "My Crap" or if you curse in the description for your freeware, I'm probably gonna write you off.

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1 Larry   (3:36pm - Jan 19, 2006)

Yeah, I hate it when those SG sites pop up in work and I have to turn my monitor away from facing my boss...and my chair! Gotta love year long subscriptions.

2 ellen   (12:53pm - Jan 22, 2006)



remind me to order your comix sometime, eh?

3 ellen   (12:54pm - Jan 22, 2006)

oh bother. that comment was supposed to be on the OTHER entry. *facepalm*

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