Sunday, February 12, 2006

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photos: England, winter 2005

Butcher shop window display

I'd love to see a Butcher Pride parade.

Round theater in the forest

This outdoor theater was news to me, but apparently my family has known about it for years. Go figure.

Southwark, London

Southwark, the part of London where the Design Museum is located.

Graffiti on Berlin Wall chunk

A section of the Berlin Wall, outside the doors of the Imperial War Museum. Fitting.

Propaganda poster about knitting socks

The war museum is also a great source of crazy old-school propaganda. Drinkerthinker, man, I tried so hard to find a postcard of this!

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1 drinkerthinker   (9:08am - Feb 13, 2006)

I would so be all about knitting socks for JUNGLE FIGHTERS!

Maybe leopard print? Or a nice purple, to go with their fatigues?

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