Monday, February 27, 2006

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note to self: don't.

Note to self:

Even if it's tempting, even if you think the novel is just about complete when you're within fifteen pages of the ending, do not start Googling information on the book, reading online reviews, or checking Wikipedia for criticism, 'cause as sure as I'm typing here you will stumble across a massive spoiler about those last fifteen pages.

Man. It was a Hermann Hesse novel! I'd just waded through several hundred pages of serene arguments, calm meditative reflection, and well-spoken debates. So I figured, fifteen pages left, hey, I bet it ends with some quiet, sublime insight, and hmm, I wonder what other people have to say about it.

Note to self: SERIOUSLY, DON'T.

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1 David Campbell   (1:33pm - Mar 1, 2006)

Oh, bummer. You found out Siddhartha's cat dies in the end, huh?

2 Kitty   (2:18pm - Mar 1, 2006)

Tyler Durden was actually Harry Haller THE WHOLE TIME!

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