Thursday, March 2, 2006

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invitation to madness: the new place

Cartoon about Raging Mary showing her mother around her new apartment

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1 Mister Wolf   (4:57am - Mar 3, 2006)

Many, you've been busy since Wednesday!

2 Peter Venables   (5:46am - Mar 3, 2006)

WOO! Nice work!

3 Kitty   (6:26am - Mar 3, 2006)

Woo, thanks guys!

4 drinkerthinker   (3:08pm - Mar 3, 2006)

Hurray for (non-sports) March Madness!

What poster does Mary have over her couch?

5 Kitty   (9:32am - Mar 4, 2006)

What poster does Mary have over her couch?

It's the movie poster for A Clockwork Orange.

In other thoughts, now I really like the cushions on Mary's couch! I made 'em up on paper, hell, I can make 'em up in fabric.

6 tangognat   (5:20pm - Mar 6, 2006)

Aww, that was nice! I agree that the cushions are very cute too!

7 Jen   (8:48am - Mar 7, 2006)

Very cool. I am always impressed with your talent.

8 GregED   (5:44pm - Mar 8, 2006)

*snickers* A uterus with a TARDIS module... commuting to work might be difficult, though. ;)

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