Friday, April 18, 2003

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I read a buncha comics recently.

Comments on recently-read comics:

Stinz - Charger: The War Stories - It could just be my usual interest in WWI talking, but jeeze, this collection had me absolutely transfixed. You know how the old Superman movie posters had the tagline "You'll believe a man can fly"? Lemme swipe that: "You'll believe a centaur can be drafted into the German army to fight in World War I." This collection is one in a series and follows Stinz L÷whard, a centaur farmer, through basic training and a few later war stories. Donna Barr does an amazing job in writing historical fiction, creating believable characters, and building fantasy societies and species to the point where I'd just nod and say, "Yeah, that'd be likely." Thumbs up!
Note: I just read more about the series and found out that it's not specifically set in WWI - it's an unspecified war that combines aspects of several of them, apparently. Oh. My bad.

Daredevil - Underboss, Out, issues 38-45 - I'm usually the last person on earth to enjoy superhero comics. I like 'em when they have well-developed characters, but more often than not the characters are just cardboard props with powers. "I am Zap Man! I will zap you! *zap*" The exceptions (e.g., James Robinson's Starman) are pretty rare, in my experience. But Brian Michael Bendis is writing a fantastic streak over on Marvel's Daredevil. The gist of the plot is this: Through various crime family drama, the information about Daredevil's real identity (blind lawyer Matt Murdock) has fallen into the media's hands. There's no quick magical fix here - the effects to Matt's legal and superhero careers are still being shown and experienced. The pacing is subtle, the artwork is gloomy and moodsetting, and the dialogue lives up to its reputation.

Oh, and I thought that it was great before reading issues 38-40, which involve a courtroom trial and Matt defending a costumed hero accused of killing a policeman. Then I read those issues and was impressed by the opening and closing arguments and the cross-examination. Damn! I'd pay good money to see a crossover between Law and Order and Daredevil. Really.

Alias - I recently picked up the first two collections of Marvel's Alias collections (no connection to the television show). It's another title written by Brian Michael Bendis and shows Jessica Jones, former superhero turned private investigator, as she works at various cases while barely keeping her own life together. Again with the character development and dialogue that rings true - although I wasn't overly enthusiastic about the actual plots (good buildup, less-than-stellar resolutions), it's the characters that keep me interested. I like Jessica Jones. She reminds me of me a bit, with the turned-up nose and the swearing too much. Not as much with the super strength and the alcoholism, though.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world ...

The new sport of kings is a-coming:
Bar Stool Racing

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