Thursday, March 30, 2006

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invitation to madness: goodbye

Cartoon about Raging Mommy saying her goodbye to Raging Mary

And that wraps things up for March Madness! Thanks to everyone who sent in comments - I hope you've enjoyed the comics. You can find them all archived on the comics page, under "Online Comics". Please stay tuned to this blog for more webcomics in the future!

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1 Dave Carter   (8:05am - Mar 31, 2006)

It's been a month of good comics. Thanks!

2 David Welsh   (8:14am - Mar 31, 2006)

Y'know, those would combine wonderfully into a mini-comic.

Hint, hint.

3 Lyle   (12:26pm - Mar 31, 2006)

Yeah, I could see that minicomic selling well at a venue like APE....

(Hint, hint, hint)

4 Kitty   (2:51pm - Mar 31, 2006)

APE - damn! Can't make it to this year's, but you've definitely got me thinking about next year's! I might end up combining these with other minicomic Geraniums and Bacon for one big ol' mini volume.

5 Mercfrog   (3:10pm - Apr 2, 2006)

How flippin' funny - and how sad that I can relate. Can't wait to see more!

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