Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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o'brien torturethon 2006

Logo: O'Brien TortureThon 2006

It was one of those jokes that spirals into a life of its own, like how the Upper Crust was created or Snakes on a Plane. In our case, the joke was, "Ha ha, let's watch a bunch of episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where Chief Engineer O'Brien gets completely shat upon!" Seriously, my IM conversations keep degenerating from "funny what-if discussion" to "agenda for this weekend".

So, that's what we did! Jeph, K, and I kicked off O'Brien Torturethon 2006 with coffee and donuts, and then we sat on the couch, yelling at the TV and giggling about every twenty seconds, followed by someone starting off a chorus of "O'Brien!"s.


O'Brien returns from a mission to find that everyone around him is acting very peculiarly. Paranoid, uncomfortable fun.

O'Brien is accused of a mystery crime and becomes a victim of the twisty Cardassian justice system. Frustrating, like watching an episode of Law and Order where all of the evidence gets thrown out due to technicality, but times twenty.

A radiation accident sets O'Brien jumping in time just a few hours into the future, which is all fun and novel until he witnesses his own death. Ahh!

"The Assignment"
O'Brien's wife is taken over by a hostile alien spirit, who forces O'Brien to unwillingly sabotage Deep Space Nine. Cue angst!

"Hard Time"
As punishment for a crime, O'Brien's brain is implanted with memories that he just spent twenty years in prison (cheaper than maintaining a physical prison), and now he must become reaccustomed to his life. Ugh, this was soul-numbing.

Banner by Jeph: O'Brien TortureThon 2006

Jeph sets the mood with this lovingly created banner.

I have never really watched much of DS9, so it was a surprise to find how much I enjoyed the episodes. It reminded me of what I liked so much about sci-fi similar series Babylon 5 - the concept of maintaining a sort of diplomatic crossroads and living station (as opposed to just bopping around on adventures as the other Trek series do). Jeph chose well - these were highly enjoyable and tightly written episodes with interesting character development (but also with enough silliness for us to poke fun at, because we are a snarky group).

Chief O'Brien in his people's native state

Our Snarky Quotations

"The Bajorans are the space Polish."

"Three-quarter sleeves look good on girls."
-- "I know what you like on girls: Girls!"

O'Brien switches off the life support power on his transport ship.
"I hope he didn't divert power away from the bathroom."
-- "That's why they have a transporter."

"Hot pre-emptive action!"

K suddenly gets the baddie about half an hour after everyone else.
"It was the man with the moustache!!!!"

Jeph describes female Cardassians' cosmetics.
"They put a stripe on their left and right shoulders, and they color in their ... uh, head labia."

We also love Dr. Julian Bashir, the doctor on DS9.
"Dr. Sexy Bashir should prescribe you some meds. 100 CC's meat injection twice daily!"
"Twice daily until pain subsides."
-- "What pain?"
"... Mm-hmm."

"Are there any episodes where Bashir tries to get girls who aren't O'Brien?"

Our Favorite Out-of-Context Line
Bashir to O'Brien from "The Assignment": "I've seen you handle your wife thousands of times!"

We enjoyed this line so much that K ended up doodling it as a cartoon, which pitched us into about ten more fits of giggles.

K's cartoon of Chief O'Brien and Dr. Bashir

It's the eyelashes on Bashir that make it. Heh! We love it! That's why we're making our next Trekthon all about that guy.

ps. O'Brien!

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