Monday, May 29, 2006

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bashirfest 2006

Logo for Star Trek DS9 Julian 
Bashir marathon

It's Bashir O'Clock!

After the great fun that was the O'Brien Torturethon, Jeph, K, and I hit the couch again for a TV party devoted to Deep Space Nine's chief medical officer, Dr. Julian Bashir. Look at those eyes! Set phasers to "sex bomb", everybody!


The Wire
Bashir's buddy-antagonist-mysteryman Garak collapses due to misuse of an implant in his head, and Bashir must race against the clock to find out about Garak's past and cure him. Cue hurt/comfort by the bucketload and a really unconvincing sickroom fight scene.

Photo of Star Trek DS9's 
Dr. Julian Bashir

I guess I can see where all of the Bashir/Garak fanfiction comes from, but dear god, Garak is really annoying. That is one fandom I'm steering clear of.

Hippocratic Oath
Bashir and O'Brien crash on a planet and encounter a group of Jem'Hadar trying to wean themselves off the drug that binds them to the Dominion. Bashir does his best to formulate a cure, while O'Brien does what he can to ensure their escape. Meanwhile, back on DS9, Worf is new to the station and completely screws up because he doesn't quite get the chain of command.

Glad to see more O'Brien (c'mon everybody: "O'BRIEN!"), and especially O'Brien getting his insubordination on. I appreciated how the guys did not resolve the problem in the end - no cure-all pills nor good resolution for the Jem'Hadar, who look kind of like triceratops. Kind of a downer; sad characters, no happy ending, and Worf gets professionally embarrassed. No good times!

Our Man Bashir
Bashir slips into his James Bond-shaped fiction suit in the holosuites, but non-hilarity ensues when a malfunction forces him and Garak to remain in character or risk the deaths of several other crew members.

"We can't stop the program or they'll die!" "The safety has been deactivated - we could actually be killed!" Throw in genre costumes, kissing the girls, biffing the baddies, and you could get completely hammered playing this round of Holodeck Cliches Drinking Game.

That being said, it's a fun holiday to see everyone acting completely out of character. We'd happily watch an entire show starring Sisko's mad genius character "Dr. Noah." He has a crazy, delightful yelp for "laugh of disbelief." A pleasant change from most of the other episodes where he's doing his best to channel Shatner.

Also, Star Trek needs more excuses for Bashir to wear dapper suits.

The Quickening (no, not that kind, a plaguey kind)
Bashir and Dax happen upon a distant planet cursed by punishing biological warfare left by Jem'Hadar. Born with plague, the people eventually sicken and die painfully; their only option is a ritualized chemical suicide that allows them to die peacefully. Bashir and Dax struggle to formulate a cure for the plague, though their efforts mostly make things worse.

Another downer episode with a mildly hopeful ending. Bashir reminds me of the doctors on House in that he's written to be an expert in everything medical. Maybe his super fantabulous 24th century medical technology is doing all the real work. Or maybe he really is that good, as the next episode hints?

Doctor Bashir, I Presume
When Bashir is suggested as the template for a new version of Starfleet hologram doctor, background investigation brings to light his deepest secret: his parents arranged for him to undergo illegal genetic modification as a child to help his severely lagging academic performance.

It's funny - I found this "Flowers for Bashir" episode more touching and sad than the deliberately heartstring-twanging episodes described above. Family dramas always make me a bit damp-eyed. Plus there's the fact that the other sad episodes above were "on location", set on object-lesson planets, while the conflict in this episode felt more claustrophobic and anxious to me for being on DS9, in Bashir's home. No rescue ship or reactivated transporter could get him out of that situation.

On a lighter note, Bashir's parents reminded me of the Kumars. I would watch The Bashirs at Spaceship 42 in a heartbeat.

And not having watched much else of DS9, I have to ask - do they touch much on Bashir's genetic enhancements again? I can easily picture him acting like X-Factor's Quicksilver, constantly irritated by all the slowbies around him with their poor hand-eye coordination and inability to reason quickly. Then again, years of Starfleet training in compassion and being kind to others probably drummed all the bitchy out of him.

Thoughts and Observations

We can't draw Bashir! What is wrong with us? We found this very difficult, even with a stack of Star Trek reference books. Baffled!

Girls love bubble tea.

Bashir is practically two-dimensional. He is one slender mofo, I'll tell you that.

We have no plans to watch an entire TV fest devoted to Garak or Quark. I would probably set the DVDs on fire before that came to pass.

Our Snarky Quotations Know No Bounds

"You know what I noticed about your TV? There's no Bashir on it right now."
-- "You know what I noticed about you ...?"

"That's like a Little Golden Book: The Lumpiest Klingon."

"You should have a sexy suit like Bashir."
-- "You mean I should put on a Starfleet uniform? And make love to you? Because that is my dream."

"It kinda sucks that they live in a death world."

Our Favorite Out-of-Context Line

Bashir talks to O'Brien about Mrs. O'Brien: "So ... you wish Keiko ... were a man?"

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1 Ragnell   (11:30pm - May 30, 2006)

Ahhh... Julian Bashir. That takes me back.

2 Charlie   (12:57am - Jun 1, 2006)

Bashir's upgraded status popped up in at least one or two other episodes, including one where he teamed up with a group of other upgraded people... DS9 had its moments but was mostly incredibly incoherent.

3 BeaucoupKevin   (10:49pm - Jun 3, 2006)

Bashir (or the actor that portrayed him, anyway,) showed up in an EXCELLENT episode of Spooks aka MI-5.

That is all I have to add to this conversation.

4 Jeph!   (5:44pm - Jun 6, 2006)


That is all.

5 Jeph!   (1:37pm - Jun 8, 2006)

Waiatasec ... Charlie, "incredibly incoherent"? I've been watching the entire series in order for the last few months, and it's held together BEAUTIFULLY. I'm almost done with the fifth season and haven't seen anything incoherent about it at all.

Maybe it just wasn't to your taste -- but there's certainly nothing deficient about the show itself.

Also: O'BRIEN!!!

-Jeph! post my comment! It isn't spam!

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