Thursday, June 15, 2006

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mocca artfest 2006

I attended MoCCA Art Fest last weekend. What a time! Beautiful weather and comics as far as you could look. This was my first time there, and it was a bit overwhelming. So much going on, so much talent and self-expression crammed into one small place, and from the plain building exterior, you'd have no idea that it was happening. I get the impression that a lot of New York is like that.

I met and met up with dozens of cool people, including Kevin, Neilalien, Chris, Ed, GinaFirstSecond of First Second Books, Jim, Miriam, Colleen, Keith Knight, Bill, and so many others it makes my brain bleed. I also walked away with a ridiculous amount of comics. I'm stocked through next year and beyond!

I saw an emphasis on the handmade and handcrafted: silkscreens and Gocco works and hand-printed minis and illustrations, real objects of lovingly created art. It's a pleasure to see these works in this era of mass-manufactured everything. This must be how William Morris felt.

And unrelated to the art fest, I stood in line for ages to meet Grant Morrison in person at comic shop Forbidden Planet. Woo! I ended up meeting some nice people in line, to boot, and got to see mock-luchadors roam the sidewalk promoting Nacho Libre.

In other observations, I officially have only one smile. That's it! One! I look through my photos and they might as well be Photoshopped. I'm like that one girl that BoingBoing featured a while back. That does it, I'm scheduling some mirror time to work on some new smiles. It's at the point where other people remark, "You can tell Kitty's happy because she's squinting." This must change! Maybe I'll be like the guy in Men Behaving Badly, the time when Gary explains how roommate Tony had him rate his smiles to figure out which looked the best.

A final recommendation: when in New York, crash at Manhattan Inn Hostel, right downtown and much cheaper and more entertaining than normal dull hotels.

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1 Dave Lartigue   (7:31am - Jun 19, 2006)

You're not in any MoCCA pix I have seen. Ergo, you are lying about having been there.

2 Kitty   (8:58pm - Jun 19, 2006)

Next year my mission is to get background props in every single photo!

3 Colin Tedford   (7:38pm - Jul 31, 2006)

This was my 2nd year attending, and it was still pretty overwhelming. Next time I want to do both days.

Curious coincidence: my friend Dan attended for the first time this year, stood in line for ages to meet Grant Morrison, and also stayed in a hostel (perhaps the very same one!). Spooky, no? Okay, maybe not.

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