Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Comic: Whole Lotta School Still

And yet I keep entertaining the idea of grad school. What the heck?

SCHOOL: "Aw, you come back to me, baby, I won't hurt you so much this time, you know I love you."

ME: "Awright, honey, just this once more!"

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1 Luke   (9:20pm - Jun 29, 2006)

I keep vacillating between "dilettante" and "philanthropist" as the end point of my 5-year plan. Looks like you're aiming at the former. :-)

2 Ed Cunard   (1:50pm - Jun 30, 2006)

See, I gave in to that call, because I'm either really needy or really stupid (yes, it'll be wonderful, I'm sure, but on top of work and house and stuff?).

I like the color work, by the way.

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