Sunday, July 2, 2006

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to do: japan

I've never been to Tokyo. Maybe because Rick Steves hasn't covered it. I have such travel-lust for that place, though. All those lights and non-stop activity and huge swells of people - I must be there! It's been edging up my travel to-do list, and it's right up there on my "Places I have to visit before Nature wipes them out" list (created after never making the time to visit pre-Katrina New Orleans).

But meanwhile, until I cough up the cash and time, I travel vicariously through other people's Japan experiences.

A whole slew of wacky Engrish examples courtesy of Magical Rockstar D, Magical Cartographer C, and assorted friends.

Dirk Schwieger's weekly Tokyo-based bio comic Moresukine (and speaking of travel, you can check out a preview of his comic documentary on elf folklore in Iceland over at electrocomics).

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1 Jeph!   (10:46am - Jul 6, 2006)

It seems to me that one could make a very good living in Japan by offering their services as an English-translation proofreader.

-Jeph! post my comment! It isn't spam!

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