Sunday, August 6, 2006

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three zine reviews

Who likes zines? Here are reviews and recommendations for a few zines I picked up at this year's Boston Zine Fair.


This small zine by Megan Gendell was a treat to read - sweet and tender, and adventurous and a bit zany at the same time. Part of the zine is devoted to stories of two girlfriends' life in New York. Man, I've never wanted to be in love so much until I read this. The rest of the zine follows Megan's decision to enroll in an instructor training program at a local trapeze school. Wow! I found these stories very engaging - they covered not just the experience of being in the program but also of how Megan balanced it with the rest of her life. My favorite quote: "You can fire me if you want, but I'm going to take trapeze lessons two mornings a week."

You can purchase this zine on Megan's website, Something's Begun.

Y'all Don't Do That Here?

She comes to Boston from Texas, and in this zine she writes about her moving experience and about some of the cultural differences. I've only ever been to Texas the one time, so I enjoyed the hell out of this little zine about a part of the country I really don't know. I learned about homecoming mums, Big Red soda, and the origin of Six Flags' name. Sweet!

This zine is put out by Your Mom Prints Zines.

Driving Blind

Erin runs Driving Blind Distro and also creates this personal zine of the same name, where she writes about her likes and dislikes, her obsessions, school (yeah school!), movies, and being a disability activist. It's great reading, alternating between deep and insightful and just plain fun and pop.

You can purchase Driving Blind on the Driving Blind Distro site.

In other news ...
Vacation's a-coming. Anyone wanting a postcard from Switzerland, drop me a line.

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