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I'm Cathy Leamy, a Boston cartoonist and medical writer. Check out my comics! They're mainly about health care and autobio stories.


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Monday, August 28, 2006

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let's pass the hat, everyone

I finished reading Phoenix: Endsong

and now I would like to start a fundraiser

to buy a shiny new magazine for this guy's lightbox

one with more than one woman in it

and a little bit less pornface this time.

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1 Elizabeth McDonald   (12:41am - Aug 30, 2006)

I'd contribute... but frankly, there's something creepy about helping him pay for his porn, even for the good cause of diversity in face-types/features.

2 Tamora Pierce   (10:08am - Aug 30, 2006)

Don't you think something stronger is required? Like shock treatments?

3 Bill D.   (9:45am - Sep 1, 2006)

Jeez, is he lightboxing Hustler or something? I'm thinking he needs something along the lines of Maxim or Stuff or any of those other "C-List Celebrities and Random College Girls in their Underwear" magazines I always see at my barber's. Slightly greater variety of women, significantly less porn face.

4 David Campbell   (1:47pm - Sep 1, 2006)

Oh, snap!

Well done, Metrokitty!

5 Greg Downing   (5:40pm - Jun 30, 2007)

Yeah, I've been learning all about Land and his egregious pornfacing. For that very reason, I tend to avoid the Ultimate chain entirely, except for Ultimate Spiderman. Won't catch Bagley doing pornface. :P

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