Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Thoughts on Heroes, episode 5

Another Monday night, another Heroes Harrassment Hour! Honestly, I can't believe I'm still watching this show. I'm an utter victim of Intermittent Variable Reinforcement - I yell at the screen for most of the show ("Shut your babbling! Don't go in there, fool! What the hell is this nonsense!") but then get drawn back in by the occasional really interesting scene ("Oh hey now, that was a neat way of stopping time"). And anyway, it makes a decent backdrop for folding laundry.

Spoiler-addled reactions

Emo Nurse Man needs some new dialogue besides "blah destiny blah connected blah must save the whatever blah". Seriously, it's like he's got his own chatterbot thing going on. "Peter, what happened on the subway?" "WE NEED TO SAVE THE CHEERLEADER." "Peter, where'd I leave my scarf?" "WE ARE ALL CONNECTED SOMEHOW."

I like how "painting" is a superpower. I should've used that illustration class to learn to fight crime! And am I going to Geek Hell because my first reaction to Peter's blue-tinted futurevision eyes was to yell "He is the Kwisatz Haderach"? I'll save you all a seat when I get there.

Let me get this straight - not only is Claire sexually assaulted, she doesn't even get to be the final tool of her own orchestrated revenge; her evil father gets that honor instead? Okay! I think some writers need to read Ragnell's thoughts on women and power for a little refresher on why this is really irritating. Man, the chicks on this show, I swear - they just get manipulated left and right while the guys are all off proactively chasing destinies. That is, when the women aren't just being some guy's love interest or the Girl Friday research assistant.

I'm really tempted to draw up a Cliché Bingo sheet for this show. Someone with superpowers foiling a convenience store robbery? Oh my, whatever will they think of next. I think of this show as "superhero comics for people who have never read comic books or watched any superhero movie or television series."

If they just changed the show to "NBC's hour of Adrian Pasdar flying around with no shirt on and hanging out with the Japanese guy," I would be a much happier kitty.

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1 Anna   (8:54am - Oct 24, 2006)

But Adrian Pasdar flying around with no shirt on was pretty good!

2 Kitty   (8:57am - Oct 24, 2006)

Anna - no no, that was the best part! I think that should be the whole show, full stop!

Which reminds me, hey, Profit is out on DVD now. Adrian Pasdar minus all clothing - KITTY FOR THE WIN.

3 Kitty   (9:01am - Oct 24, 2006)

OK - edited the entry to speak the English more clearly and convey the point that Heroes should really be all about Adrian Pasdar flying with no shirt on. LISTEN UP NBC.

4 Rose   (10:24am - Oct 24, 2006)

I watched the Heroes marathon on NBC on Sunday night. It was so funny. I was playing cliche bingo in my head, and annoying the roommates. An hour of Adrian Pasdar flying around without his shirt on would be wotthwhile television.

5 Novice   (8:19pm - Oct 24, 2006)

I wasn't playing clich?ingo while watching, but I was calling everything that happened right before it happened. I think I was getting on my husband's nerves. He's still watching that show, and when I ask him if he likes it, he replies "I...don't...know."

I have to admit I paid attention during the scene where mid reading cop gave his wife the best sex ever. That would be all sorts of cool.

6 Novice   (8:22pm - Oct 24, 2006)

Corrections: I don't mean he's been watching it for 24 hours. I meant to say that he still regularly watches the show, though he is not sure if he likes it.

Also, I don't think I do want to sleep with a mind reader. I'd be afraid of "What the-? You're thinking about TJ Thyne!"

7 Tivol   (11:17am - Oct 25, 2006)

You missed some cliches. I started the episode thinking "Hey, I saw this movie. It had Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt." A few scenes later, I thought "Hey, I saw this movie. It had Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell."

"Ok, I've the scene: 'Hey honey, you must want your favorite ice cream. It's right here on my window sill-- Oh no, a troubled youth is about to jump off! I'll empathize and talk him down.' ... No, that doesn't work. Let's send him to a 7-11 to buy ice cream instead."

Since we've seen the movie twice, we know the cop's wife will get scared by all the attention, then eventually find out she's been played and get pissed off, then eventually learn to accept it and love again. I bet she goes through the first two phases two weeks from now, with reconciliation a few weeks after the cop saves New York.

8 Kitty   (11:27am - Oct 25, 2006)

Ha ha ha, oh man, Tivol, I was riding the I Don't Care Train so hard for those scenes that I just put away laundry while they were on. :D

I liked how the cop's reaction was to use his powers to make his own situation better (not that I think he knows he can read minds at this moment - I think he's forgotten after being mindwiped), but yeah, it really was a completely unoriginal rip. And a bit weird - in his wife's shoes, I'd be freaked out more than anything by the disappearing for a day and then the everything-I-could-possibly-want preemptive action.

9 Tivol   (5:09pm - Oct 25, 2006)

So, do you think the cop gets so little screen time because he's not going to join the Super Team before the big explosion? Like, maybe he serves as an example that Professor Tell-Not-Show hasn't found all the heroes and that there are many more still out there? Or maybe he gets killed?

Yeah, neither do I. Oh well.

10 Lyle   (6:05pm - Oct 25, 2006)

My take on Claire and Brody was different, I didn't think of the car crash as her revenge but justice, that she would have tried to ignore the incident if she hadn't realized he had attacked another woman. She tried to stop him the only way she could think of it, which showed an immaturity in her decision making process that I find matches the rest of her character.

Her dad, on the other hand, was seeking revenge and that's what separates the two for me.

I'm comstantly of two minds of this show, something I credit to Jeph Loeb and Bryan Fuller both being involved -- Loeb, bleah but Fuller's past creative impulses gets rainbows and butterflies floating around my head.

But I'd certainly go for the Masi Oka and Shirtless Adrian Pasdar Show, just as long as Pasdar gets to do a lot of talking. The man is stunning, but that voice wraps up all that sexiness under a very pretty bow.

11 Kitty   (8:34pm - Oct 25, 2006)

That's a really good point, Lyle, and a perspective I hadn't considered. And if you were nearby I would so invite you over for a Profit marathon because I found the series DVDs on sale. I don't have a whole lot of shame when it comes to Adrian Pasdar and him talking without much clothing on.

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