Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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dracula's essentials, part 2

As you saw previously, I recently finished reading Essential Tomb of Dracula, volume 1 and discovered that it's all about the macking and smacking. We already covered the smacking.

What does that leave? That's right, MACKING.

A collage of moments in Tomb of Dracula where people are kissing

These vampire hunters and vampire victims are lovers, not fighters, baby!

Damn right they're not fighters. You should see how often they fail at taking down easy enemies, or how many times they fall for "Hey, come on into this dark alley for a second."

Except for Blade, that is. Him and his battlin' jodhpurs.

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1 Bahlactus   (3:22pm - Dec 1, 2006)

All vampires appear to be pimps, but, what about that chronic halitosis though? Is their game that strong that the ladies have no clue their breath stinks all that be damned?!?

2 Dean   (5:24pm - Dec 1, 2006)

Wow... that guy in the bottom two panels-- it's Vampire Shaft!

3 Kitty   (7:00pm - Dec 1, 2006)

Shut yo' mouth! :)
Just talkin' about Blade!

Seriously, no kidding! Blade is so Magical Vampire Hunter Shaft, it's awesome. I wish that the Blade trilogy had been set in the 1970's like the original material. God, I'd watch that.

4 Bahlactus   (9:06pm - Dec 1, 2006)

Kitty, you should get down with "Blacula". He's got the most mackin' outfit if I've ever seen!

5 Kitty   (9:19pm - Dec 1, 2006)

The library has a copy of Blacula.


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