Friday, December 1, 2006

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After reading the blog discussion about DC's new girl-oriented imprint Minx, I still have just one thought jumping out.

I wish it were all about this minx.

The Beano's Minnie the Minx

That's right, Minnie the Minx, keepin' it old school Beano-style!

If some kindly publisher ever turned out Essential collections for characters from The Beano, I would be short a lot of cash the following day. I suspect that reading that comic throughout my whole childhood was a major factor for how I turned out today. Hell, I know it's what got me into drawing comics.

A sample Minnie the Minx comic page

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1 ellen   (3:24am - Dec 2, 2006)

dwd. I loved going over to your house and reading those!

2 liz   (8:12pm - Dec 2, 2006)

I love the "Snarl!" in panel 3 of the boxing match, as though she said it rather than did it.

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