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I'm Cathy Leamy, a Boston cartoonist and medical writer. Check out my comics! They're mainly about health care and autobio stories.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Heroes linkblogging

Highlander writes about the demographic makeup of Heroes. I agree and hope that the character stats improve a bit after this current winter episode break.

Fametracker offers a bizarre battle: Adrian Pasdar vs. Kyle Maclachlan! (Sadly, the accompanying images are broken. Booo.)

Piratesdaughter sums up the Petrellis for you, and we are all very grateful. (Warning: Ten million images)

The most recent episode featured a prophetic painting about Hiro and his future sword taking on a T-rex. One theory says that the sword's a museum piece and the T-rex is a model, and the naysayers fire back with "Pssh, museum T-rexes are usually bare bony skeletons." Well, you know who's got a T-rex with its skin on? That's right, Boston! (Quicktime proof) C'mon, Heroes - field trip!

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