Saturday, December 30, 2006

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it's back on everybody

Back from vacation, and I should have some photos soon to show for it. Once again, thumbs up for Christmas in England. It's dark and cold and gloomy, but I love the hell out of it.

Comments on this website have been reactivated. Yeah chatter! Also, hello to everyone who has visited this site to read "The Paper Mirror". It was a topic that was slow-boiling in my mind for a while, and it sounds like it's touched a chord in other readers as well.

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1 mwb   (2:01pm - Dec 31, 2006)


Yup I came via the When Fangirls Attack link to your Paper Mirror comment/comic. I liked it enough that I even e-mailed you about ordering minis.

And heck I'll probably be a regular reader here too.

- Michael

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