Thursday, January 4, 2007

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found advice

This postcard of wisdom came stuffed inside a used copy of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Biore promotional postcard

Back of Biore promotional postcard with handwritten advice

E's right - pore strips are great and really wrong entertainment at the same time. I just wish I had a microscope. A magnifying glass doesn't give you quite the same sebum solar flare visual effect. This guy's photos liven up the party pretty well, and this, wow, that is just crying out to be made into a twenty-foot-high stainless steel sculpture for the front lawn of the Guggenheim. Damn.

You know, never mind getting your own pore strips - I'm entertained just searching Flickr for the results of other people's strips. This guy for the win, everyone!

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1 mwb   (8:27am - Jan 5, 2007)

What no one knows is that you can divine the future by reading your used strips.


- Michael

2 Tacita   (9:06am - Jan 6, 2007)

um... i'm tacita, and this is a small small very small world. where did you get the book that this came in??

3 Kitty   (9:28am - Jan 6, 2007)

um... i'm tacita

Oh man! It is a small world! I picked the book up at the book swap shelves at the Cambridge recycling drop-off center.

4 tacita   (9:51am - Jan 6, 2007)

okay... i bring my books to recycling drop-offs every couple of years, but i'm pretty sure i've only ever done that in newton ma and chicago... i feel like i'm having a "this is your life" kind of moment. i think she gave that to me like 10 years ago... man, this is as exciting as it is a little terrifying :) can't wait to tell her about this!

5 Jeph!   (5:35pm - Jan 8, 2007)

Kitty, give Tacita back her postcard and decade-old Biore strip.

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