Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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More MBTA news

CharlieCard RFID concerns privacy advocates

"T Ambassador" takes you behind the unhappy scenes

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1 liz   (8:27pm - Jan 24, 2007)

Hey Catherine,

Re: the "T Ambassador" article -- my CharlieCard wouldn't work on the bus yesterday, and I spent (too) many hours wondering how my monthly pass just up and disappeared, and lamenting the hoops I'd have to go through to get it replaced. Oh so glad to know it's just the MBTA not being able to cope with the Cambridge winter, which has finally gotten "normal".

(The pass reappeared this afternoon, thankfully!)

-- lizzy

2 mwb   (7:56am - Jan 25, 2007)

I definitely have mixed feelings about the whole CharlieCard system and RFID tracking.

Of course, anyone who wants to know my travel plans deserves the boredom and waste of time that is.

3 Jay   (5:19pm - Jan 27, 2007)

Our work just hired away from the MBTA.. was telling him about your post at lunch..

He was laughing.. "don't know 1/2 of it.." was basically his comment

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