Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Boston Globe blurb on comic stats

This small stats blurb from last Sunday's Boston Globe interested me.

Listing of comic sales from Boston Sunday Globe, March 25

Assuming that these stats are reliable, four of the top-selling comic collections in New England that week were manga. The only Western comic was one that is tied to a recent multi-million dollar feature film.

Admittedly, I know jack all about the publishing industry and sales stats. But as a comics reader and customer, I'm inclined to yell "Preach it" for Dirk Deppey's commentary on the purchasing appeal of manga versus Western comics. When I heard good things about Antique Bakery and Paradise Kiss, I looked up Volume 1 in the bookshop and started reading. When the X-Men film came out and a friend asked me where to begin reading the X-books, I was completely stymied. What was the correct order? Which were the bad writers to avoid? Which stories required reading other Marvel stories to understand? I still don't know the answer to this question.

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