Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Reading starts with the letter Arrrrrrh

A belated "Yarrrrh Me Hearties" for this past week's annual Talk Like a Pirate Day. In keeping with my tradition, I did jack all to observe it.

For those of you who get pumped up about pirates, you might get a kick out of some recent pirate-themed material I've enjoyed.

The Pirates!
Gideon Defoe's comedy series follows the adventures of the Pirate Captain and his crew (including the pirate with the scarf, the pirate who was good at math, and others). Their wacky scrapes lead them to cross paths with Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, bears, monkeys, actors, and more. Also: lots of ham. These books are a riot - silly, snickery, utterly enjoyable, and worth laughing aloud on the subway and netting strange looks from the other passengers.

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists
NPR interview with Gideon Defoe (June 2006)

A shout-out for Ray Friesen's all-ages webcomic YARG!, a supercute strip about a gang of pirate pals with some adorable art. You can find this story and Ray's other comics (plus print books and swag) on his website Don't Eat Any Bugs (or start reading the pirate comics here).

A High Wind in Jamaica
Now that I've managed to unpack all my books from my recent move, it's go time for Operation Clean the Hell Out of My Library. As a result, I finally got around to reading the copy of Richard Hughes' A High Wind in Jamaica that I've been lugging around for ages. It's a bizarre, tense story about a band of pirates who are accidentally saddled with a gaggle of hostage children when a high-seas robbery goes wrong. Fascinating and oddly uncomfortable, especially in the frustrating (but realistic) portrayal of children's thought patterns. Read a review of this book on Curled Up with a Good Book.

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1 Isaac   (10:07pm - Sep 23, 2007)

Don't forget Christophe Blain's Isaac the Pirate, which is not about me (I promise). It's available in two volumes from NBM, and it's a good read, in that sort of freewheeling not-quite-genre-storytelling Joann Sfar style.

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