Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Coming soon: Geraniums and Bacon #5

It's coming! Are you ready for this?!

Geraniums and Bacon issue #5!

Panel from *Geraniums and Bacon* issue 5

This one's got something for everyone!

The next issue of Geraniums and Bacon will be debuting at the upcoming MoCCA Art Fest in New York City on June 7. Come by my table on the upper floor and get yourself a copy!

And in the meantime, catch up on the awesomeness by ordering issues 1-4!

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1 Greg D   (5:48pm - Jun 3, 2008)

hee hee.

It's totally unfair that as the guy that prints G+B, I get to see an advance copy *purely* by accident. ;)

Excellent writing is always, Kitty.

2 Kitty   (7:25pm - Jun 3, 2008)

Heh! Thanks, Greg! And I'd like to give you guys huge kudos - your shop always prints up excellent product!

3 Joe Rice   (9:56am - Jun 8, 2008)

How come you didn't try to sell me one????

4 Kitty   (9:05pm - Jun 9, 2008)

Hey Joe, I'm a moron! I'll email you!

5 Joe Rice   (2:15pm - Jun 10, 2008)

Sounds good to me.

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