Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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MoCCA 2008: The awesomeness goes to 11

Photo of our MoCCA signs

Another year, another MoCCA art fest!

This year, we had a posse: me, Charles, and the rest of the Boston Comics Roundtable. All of our tables clustered like a New England colony out in the wilds of New York City. We're pilgrims in an unholy land!

And we brought some amazing goods to trade with the natives. I debuted the latest Geraniums and Bacon, Charles sold out of his two collections of Sordid City Blues, our pals sold out of the Star Wars fan comic Harvest is When I Need You the Most, and the Boston Comics Roundtable hit the ground running with the first issue of our new anthology, Inbound (now available for sale online). Rock solid!

The sun didn't like us and kicked out some fierce upper-90's heat. We skated through most of it due to our table sitting directly underneath a ceiling fan, but the inevitable struck on Sunday: a fire alarm and evacuation of the building. Kudos to the poor firefighters in their pounds of full-body protective gear.

I love the amazing selection of indy comics every year at MoCCA. It's like strolling into a walk-in treasure chest. It can be overwhelming, though. You risk the coolfinder's anxiety: "There could be hidden gems that I'll never see again at every single table! I must examine all of them! Wah!" Coming in as a creator, too, is a different level of social fun. You get to meet up with rarely-seen friends from around the country and immediately swap your latest creations, like little kids trading Halloween candy.

The social kept on flowing in the afterhours. We hit the Friday party at Rocketship, got copious drinks with new and old buddies, and laughed our heads off at karaoke. Comics geeks rock out like you'd never believe. And comics geeks shout out too: I had great times running around with or just running into Ed, Kevin, Birdie, Neilalien, Gina FirstSecond, Bill Roundy, Joe Rice, Mildly Astonishing Mike, the Satisfactory Comics crew, the Trees and Hills gang, Bully the Little Stuffed Bull and his human pals, and the Karaoke All-Stars. Not to mention dozens of other people I'm totally blanking on because my weekend was filled to bursting with comics and no sleep and gin and tonics. Take my word that they are all made of awesome as well.

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1 Isaac   (11:01pm - Jun 10, 2008)

It was great to see you, Cathy, and the new G&B is awesome. Thanks for dropping by the table and all. Sounds like you had an even better time at MoCCA than I did! (My trip involved nary a gin and tonic.)

2 Colin Tedford   (9:29pm - Jun 11, 2008)

It was great to see you again as well, and of course I enjoyed the latest G&B. Viva Senor Calabaza! It's nice to see the Boston scene coming together. I am still recovering from the weekend in numerous ways, including a limp from too much walking & standing (much of it heavily laden). It was an excellent, crazy weekend!

3 Marek   (10:03am - Jun 14, 2008)

Hey, M-Kitty! Yes, it WAS great to see you last weekend at MoCCA. (Oh god, you must be getting tired of that comment.)

I also applaud your success and riotous sales in that rooftop pavillion sauna on the 7th floor. Congratulations!

G&B is on the top of my reading pile. You Boston folk made a real show of force! I daresay we showed that Torry city what we yankees can do.

-- Marek

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