Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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One last trip to *Planet Wifey*, and one guest stint on *Sordid City Blues*!

Logo for *Planet Wifey*, a webcomic by Clarence Smith Jr. and Cathy Leamy

Slip into the orbit of Planet Wifey one more time, and check out some incredible news! Things will never be the same!

And with this earth-shaking chapter, my part in telling the tales of Planet Wifey draws to a close. Thanks to Clarence and PW herself for inviting me to join in on this project - itís been a fun trip! Iím looking forward to reading whatever Clarence works on next (like this), and most of all Iím looking forward to seeing what becomes of that great big news!

Panel from a guest strip of webcomic *Sordid City Blues* written by Daniel Barlow and drawn by Cathy Leamy

Meanwhile, in another orbit of the internet, webcomics guy and all-around cool fella Charles Schneeflock Snow has tapped me and writer Daniel Barlow for a guest strip in his webcomic Sordid City Blues. Check out the results in "I Owe You Everything"!

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