Thursday, October 29, 2009

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On the air with me and Boston Comics Roundtable!

Hey Boston, you’ve got comics on your radio!

Last week, 90.9 WBUR (Boston’s NPR affiliate) invited Boston Comics Roundtable to be interviewed on their weekly show Radio Boston. The episode’s theme was "Literary Boston", tying in with that weekend’s Boston Book Festival.

We talked about the Roundtable and about our upcoming fourth issue of our comics anthology, Inbound - the issue devoted to stories from Boston history. They love the concept of comics set in Boston, and we love talking about our creative work, so it was a blast all around!

You can listen to the entire program on Radio Boston’s website. The BCR interview begins just after 40:00.

As a bonus, the WBUR team and Boston Comics Roundtable joined forces to put together a little radio drama based on my story from Inbound #4, "The Old Howard". Kudos to Braden Lamb for adapting the comic for the radio, the BCR for voice talent, and WBUR for sound effects! And extra solid gold kudos to WBUR for assembling an online version including graphics from the original comic - check out the YouTube clip below (narrated by me!).

This is an abridged version - the actual comic is four pages long and includes so much more awesomeness. Strippers! Censors! Hot dogs! James Michael Curley! Godalmighty, you guys, Boston is just the coolest, except for the times when they’re knocking down funky parts of town to put up office buildings.

Want to read more? Stay tuned for the release of Inbound #4, coming later this fall! Boston Comics Roundtable is accepting pre-orders for this book - visit the website to send in your order, to sign up for our news mailing list, and to see preview art.

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