Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Join me for some upcoming conventions

The official start of spring is nearly here, and with it comes the comics convention season! Iíll be bopping around a few shows from now through the summer. Hope to see you at one of them!

March 20: Boston Zine Fair (Cambridge, MA)
-- This show is a mini zine fest in collaboration with Whitehaus Family Recordís Blastfest music celebration. Come for the comics and DIY, stay for the rocking out.

April 10-11: MoCCA Art Fest (New York, NY)
-- The classic indy comics show has a new timeslot this year and a ridiculously neat guest list. And if you decide to stick around the Hub instead, stop by Boston Comic Con, also being held that weekend!

May 23: Maine Comics Arts Festival (Portland, ME)
-- Iím so looking forward to the sophomore showing of this event (the first one last year was a well-organized blast). This year, the festival will expand to include a Saturday dedicated to panels and workshops. Canít wait!

July 18: New England Small Press Assembly (NESPA) (Warwick, RI)
-- The first time for a new Northeast con! EAST COAAAAST!

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