Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Hey, I got interviewed by MTV Geek at MoCCA Art Fest 2011!

Who was that up there in the rafters getting interviewed by MTV Geek at Aprilís MoCCA Art Fest? It was me!

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Goddamn am I a hyper fast-talking chatterbox. Next convention: WILL TRADE MINICOMICS FOR íLUDES.

* * *

And from news to reviews, check out some kind words from people around the web:

Johanna Draper Carlson had great things to say about Geraniums and Bacon #1-5!

Michelle Schnaars of the Menses Today blog is a fan of my menstrual 411 mini Greenblooded!

Cheers to Brian Cronin of Comics Should Be Good for enjoying Reggie & Brian and the Lousy Nickname!

* * *

If you havenít read the 5 Minute Marvels blog before, youíre in for a treat. Tim and his daughters spend five minutes at bedtime drawing comics characters, creators from all over join in by sending their own drawings, adorableness ensues. A short while back I got to dive into the fun too - take a look at our Starman (Ted Knight), Starman (Jack Knight), and Stargirl!

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