Friday, April 20, 2012

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Yes! NEW issue of Geraniums and Bacon this weekend at Boston Comic Con!

It’s showtime here in Boston! This weekend, Hynes Convention Center hosts Boston Comic Con, a big ol’ bazaar of artists, writers, comic books, and collectibles. I had a blast at last year’s show, especially thanks to the huge Artist Alley full of local cartoonists and creators. Here’s hoping this weekend’s show is even more awesome!

Look for me this weekend at table AA305! And guess what I’ll have with me?

Cover of issue 6 of autobio/humor comic Geraniums and Bacon

THAT’S RIGHT! It’s the all-new issue 6 of my autobio and humor minicomic Geraniums and Bacon! It’s been a long time coming - man, too long. This one’s a dense one: Ballroom dancing! Mountains! Fortune-telling! Anxiety! A werewolf!

The new issue will make its debut at Boston Comic Con. Look for it for sale online and in local comic shops soon afterwards!

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