Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Spring/Summer 2012: Comics fests and medical conferences!

Check this exciting spring and summer lineup! Iím gonna be hitting a funky fest or conference in May, June, and July - you should come too!

May 20: Maine Comics Arts Fest
Portland, ME

This coming Sunday, itís time for that annual Downeaster train ride up to Portland, Maine, for the Maine Comics Arts Fest! Come down to the waterfront and enjoy an amazing lineup of indy comics creators (Kate Beaton! Raina Telgemeier! Renae De Liz of Womanthology! My pals Boston Comics Roundtable!). Iíll be there selling my new Geraniums and Bacon issue #6! Only five bucks to get in, FREE if youíre 12 or under. Do it!

June 20-23: Health & Science Communications Association annual conference
Providence, RI

Comics and health care! Youíve got questions, and Iíve got an overview! On Saturday, June 23, Iíll be giving a featured talk at this professional conference on the comics format and why itís such an excellent mode of communication for health care. This talk will cover comics basics, social media and production tools, the graphic medicine movement, and next steps for further reading and trying it out yourselves.

And speaking of trying it out yourselves, Iíll also be holding a hands-on comics workshop on Thursday, June 21, for conference participants! No drawing experience required - just be ready to doodle and jam!

You can register at an early bird discount through May 25. The conference program looks fantastic, and Iím honored to be a part of it.

July 22-24: Comics & Medicine: Navigating the Margins conference
Toronto, Canada

The comics and medicine train keeps on rolling into July! Iím a speaker at this yearís conference - Iíll be on a Monday morning panel talking about my upcoming minicomic on diabetes and erectile dysfunction. THATíS RIGHT YOU HEARD ME. Iím making a comic full of dick jokes and diabetes metaphors and Iím gonna talk about it in public. This is possibly the best thing EVER. Then again, the rest of the conference schedule looks equally astounding and hilarious! Man, this is the coolest conference. You should come. Last yearís conference was mindblowing.

Hope to catch you at one of these! Drop me a line if you want to meet up there!

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