Tuesday, January 7, 2003

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And here goes nothing.

Lookit me, ma, I'm starting a weblog. Kind of. I spend a lot of my time absorbed in pop culture and different media, so I'm going to talk about that primarily. It's a medialog, and if it's media and I care, it'll be here: books, film, web, comics, music, storytelling, you name it. Okay! Let's go!

Music: "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones
I must've been living under a rock. I just found out that "Brown Sugar" by the Stones is about plantation slaves and how their masters take sexual advantage of them. Jesus! I've only ever been able to make out the chorus - "Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good?" - and that bit about "mumble mumble mumble just around midnight." Add another song to the "list of highly offensive songs that are really frigging catchy", right up there with their other smoove hit "Under My Thumb" (the classic hit about keeping your woman in her place).

"Brown Sugar" is also another in the list of "inappropriate or offensive songs that are bowdlerized and made happy for commercials." Others include:

Everything2.com has a good write-up on this phenomenon.

Say Your Piece

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