Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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This weekend: 2013 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE)!

Hometown indie comics pride!

This weekend, Sept. 28-29, my pals in Boston Comics Roundtable are hosting the fourth annual Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in Cambridge! TWO DAYS THIS YEAR, WHAAAT

Poster for the 2013 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, art by Bob Flynn

What I love the most about MICE: Free admission! Anyone can stop in and get a taste of indie comics without having to lay out a huge chunk of cash.

I’ll be there and I’ll have new comics for sale! Check my new health info minicomic Mindful Drinking, a fun little thing about drinkin’ and cutting down a little by using mindfulness. Half auto-bio, half self-help, guest-stars a sloth.

Cover for *Mindful Drinking*, a health awareness comic by Cathy Leamy

And I’ve got a 4-page story in the latest issue of the Roundtable’s indie-flavored local superhero anthology, In a Single Bound! Look for my "Nuttin’ But Trouble!" which touches on two of my favorite topics: LADIES and ALLERGIES.

Cover for *In a Single Bound* issue 3

Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm, all in Lesley’s University Hall at 1815 Massachusetts Avenue (Porter Square), Cambridge, MA. MICE 2013: See you there!

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