Sunday, July 6, 2003

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feck! arse! girls! yanks!

Sometimes I swear the Americans are like the anti-Japanese of pop culture. Japanese manufacturers take existing products and perfect them; Americans take existing pop culture and completely trash it. Why can't they leave what's good alone? Or come up with original material for a change?

Exhibit A: Father Ted
Father Ted gets US remake
The world does not need a US remake of Father Ted The world needs a Father Ted remake like it needs an orange-juice-and-silverfish enema. American producers cannot possibly get this right. Half the fun of the original series is how offensive or ignorant the attitudes of the main characters are, which is unlikely to be carried over to an American version. ... although, don't think I wouldn't jump at watching an episode called "Kicking Cardinal Law Up the Arse."
Father Ted quotes make Kitty happy

Exhibit B: The Office
The Office also gets a US remake
Yeah, that's going to be successful. A comedy based on subtle jokes, long awkward pauses, offensive behavior in the workplace, and an utter dick of a main character. And they think this will be successful in the US ... how? Even with original Office creator Ricky Gervais helping out with the writing, I predict a bland, lame, Dilbert clone full of wacky office folks and jokes about e-mail. Boooo. And don't get me started on their basing the show in Los Angeles, of all places. Doesn't that go against the "dull office in a really dull town" premise?
Silly clips of David Brent make Kitty happy again

Honestly, you'd think nobody learned a thing from the stellar success of previous American rips Royal Payne (from Fawlty Towers) and Men Behaving Badly (from, surprise, Men Behaving Badly). Maybe they're getting some kind of false encouragement from the rip of Changing Rooms. The bastards.

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