Monday, July 28, 2003

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the latest books

Revenge by Stephen Fry - a modernized version of The Count of Monte Cristo (or so the flap says - haven't actually read that one). A popcorn book that you can read in a weekend. Quick summary: Three guys conspire to set up a guy they can't stand for an embarrassment, but their plan spirals out of control and gets him sent away for a larger crime ... for twenty years. Pretty fluffy, not-very-solid ending, but still lots of fun to read.

James Bond Movie Posters: The Official 007 Collection - I miss the days of cool movie posters, especially those that were illustrated rather than just slammed together as a photomontage. It seems like everything nowadays is just "This guy's face, half in shadow" or "These three folks facing the camera against a white background." Bo-ring. Check out this James Bond collection for some cool-ass movie posters, the way they oughtta be. The ones that really crack me up are the older ones that don't just show a picture - they also throw you a bunch of "exciting" copy. "Now ... meet the most extraordinary gentleman spy in all fiction ... JAMES BOND, Agent 007! Double "0" means he has a license to kill when he chooses ... where he chooses ... whom he chooses!" HA HA HA! I'd love to see modern films come up with that kind of stuff.

the latest films

Not what I thought would be my cup of tea, but ... ... ... man, that teaser for Mel Gibson's The Passion is actually kind of intriguing. Damn! ... does Berlitz offer courses in Latin and Aramaic? Wait, all joking aside, is Aramaic still actually spoken anywhere? Or did they do some kind of Stargate-esque language reconstruction?

the latest in entertainment

Oh man, Bob Hope died! Somewhere, there is a Time Magazine guy who is secretly very happy to finally put to use the Bob Hope memorial spread he's had on file for the last twenty years.

the latest typographical hijinks

Helvetica vs. Arial - this time it's personal!

the latest buzzwords around my office

Hammertoes, fissured tongues, bunions, black socks, Jerry Orbach

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