Friday, August 1, 2003

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boy meets pope

I'm following the reports of the Vatican's edict against same-sex marriage, and I can't decide whether I want to laugh derisively or kick things.

If their reason is that these unions are not procreative, then why aren't they also campaigning against unions of infertile couples and the elderly who are past procreative age?

If the issue is the preservation the sanctity of marriage, can they prove to me that they have also protested against Married by America, The Bachelor, drive-through Las Vegas wedding chapels, and other facets of modern culture that mock and demean marriage?

If these unions are "unnatural," as they claim, are they also planning on writing edicts against other things that don't occur in nature like fertility treatments, life support, and polio vaccines?

Hey JP, be a man! Be consistent in acting on your beliefs, or else 'fess up with honest reasons for the pamplets you put out.

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