Friday, August 8, 2003

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back to school!

Man, if I weren't already enrolled in what's supposed to be an immense timesink of a night school course for the fall, I might seriously think of signing up for this local adult ed course:

The Prisoner: A Televisionary Masterpiece
The Prisoner, first broadcast to an unsuspecting British TV audience in 1976, is considered one of the most startling and outstanding TV shows ever produced. In this class, we will watch and analyze several episodes to consider how a great TV epic was created, the nature of TV culture, and the place of significant works in it. We will discuss the show as an allegory of modern politics, technology and media in terms of the question of freedom. Text required: Alain Carraze & Helene Oswald’s The Prisoner. This class is an introduction to the study of pop culture. Limited to 16.

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