Friday, January 24, 2003

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fun, games, and World War I

Here, have some fun!
Can you tell your ass from your elbow?
What's my Oz prison bitch name?
Get your fortune told by a Sanrio character

In other news, I'm reading the third book in Pat Barker's WWI trilogy Regeneration, The Eye in the Door, and The Ghost Road. This comes about because of a strange chain of coincidences starting with my reading the recent biography of English WWI soldier-poet Siefried Sassoon, Making of a War Poet, leading to coincidentally happening across a war poet exhibit on a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London, seeing Pat Barker's books in that exhibit's reading room, and then oddly finding them in full display on the shelf every time I go to the library. Fate wants me reading these books.

The books start out by focusing on Sassoon and his time at Craiglockhart War Hospital (click here to read more about why he was sent there) and then spin away a bit to focus on his doctor, William Rivers, and other original characters in the story.

What weirds me out is reading fictionalized accounts of real-life people. I'd just finished reading Sassoon's biography, which was full of facts and descriptions based on research. Now I'm reading made-up stories about real people, and it feels strange, like I want to shout, "Hey, wait, he wouldn't have really said that" or "How do you know he reacted like that? You weren't there!" It's like reading Real People Slash. Man! This must be how people who actually knew John Nash felt when they saw A Beautiful Mind, or how David Helfgott's family reacted on seeing Shine.

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