Thursday, December 18, 2003

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thoughts after seeing Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Mom, can I be Eowyn when I grow up?

Hook me up with Lonely Planet: Minas Tirith 2004. I'd like to go there now. Still enamored of that city ... it reminds me of Mont St. Michel meets Petra a bit.

Holy cow, that was one of the slashiest films I've seen in ages. Never mind subtext - that couldn't've been more gay if they'd set it in Provincetown and called it "Return of the Queen". Yah! Time to hunt down the fanfic archives!

That Rohan fella had the world's weirdest nostrils.

Look at that head orc! It's Sloth! "Sloth ... love ... Sauron!"

Watch out for the AT-AT walkers elephants there, Eowyn.

Did Sauron actually need to be up that high and exposed to keep a watch on things? Wouldn't it have been more safe to keep his eye underground and not on a precarious tower? Is this addressed in the books? I can't remember.

You know, I think I wouldn't mind living in a town full of short men who drink ale and dress vaguely like Doctor Who.

I'm totally jonesing to reread the Very Secret Diaries now.

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