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What's going on here?

I'm Cathy Leamy, an East Coast cartoonist. Check out my comics! They're mainly about autobiographical stories and health care.


Upcoming events - 2015

Small Press Expo
Sat-Sun Sept. 19-20
Bethesda, MD
Panel: Creative Collaboration in Comics Collectives, Sat Sept. 19, 12:30-1:30PM
(not exhibiting but I'll be attending all weekend!)

She Geeks Out
Thur Sept. 24, 6pm
Boston, MA

New York Comic Con
Thur-Sun Oct. 8-11
New York, NY
Panel: Content Literacy: Teaching STEM with Comics, Thur Oct. 8, 3-4pm
(not exhibiting, attending only on Thur. Oct 8)

Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo
Sat-Sun Oct 17-18
Cambridge, MA
Exhibitor! Buy my comics!

Blog archives

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

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website roundup

Mocking the Neighbors, 1: Angst Next Door

She wanted the Naked Snape Award. So she did this comic.

David Lynch's Angriest Dog in the World

"Wee Willie Warmers": weirdest knitting pattern ever

DIY horrific Hellraiser action figures

Legends of the Superheroes screencaps. Thank god it never caught on.

Mocking the Neighbors, 2: Shut up, little man!
warning: home page plays a short but rude .wav

Say Your Piece

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