Sunday, January 11, 2004

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everybody's talking!

Okay, so I've added features for leaving your own comments on these blog entries, starting with the most recent one, rehash browns - look for the links at the end of each entry. Please feel free to start leaving comments and help me test this stuff! If you spot anything weird or run into errors, please let me know so that I can get those bad larries repaired (ditto if you have any suggestions for improvement). Thanks!

Update #2: Now working in Netscape 6, thanks to changes in the HTML markup, grumble grumble, stupid NS6. :: shakes fist at sky ::

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1 Mister Wolf   (7:19am - Jan 12, 2004)

Cool! Comments didn't work on Netscape this morning at home, tho' - don't know if it was Netscape, my computer or what. I got the header and the side bars and a biiigggg blank space in the middle.

2 (anon)   (2:37pm - Jan 12, 2004)

You rock my little feline friend.

3 Andy   (3:59pm - Jan 12, 2004)

Testing on Mozilla 1.5 - should work, I think this release is also known as "Netscape 7.0 without commercial cruft".

I'd make some incriminating comments here just so you could test the editing feature, can't think of any incriminating evidence.

4 (anon)   (9:10pm - Jan 12, 2004)

Oooh! Works with Netscape 6 now! Good work!

5 Ellen   (12:15am - Jan 13, 2004)

Heeeeey. While I've been reading this for a while, I've been to lazy to bother actually writing you an email saying that I found your site while updating old bookmarks. :D

So, gutentaag and all that, I'm at or art_geek on livejournal, if you ever get curious.


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