Thursday, January 15, 2004

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it's Thursday

I used to get really irritated by musicians like Coolio and P. Diddy taking existing music and just grafting new lyrics and beats onto them to make their own songs. But now I'm wondering, is that any different from someone like Neil Gaiman writing short story riffs on Snow White or Santa Claus?

In other news, I woke up this morning dreaming of a typewritten note that read "June 8: Please congratulate Mr. Gehry on the premature death of his manufactured son Maurice (888)." I tried doing some research online on what Frank Gehry's kids' names are, but no luck. I hope he doesn't really have a son named Maurice. Happily I doubt that his son would be an android or clone or whatever the hell was meant by "manufactured son."

Recent reading:
Difficult Conversations - good book on defusing techniques for arguments and awkward talks. Very good advice.

Alias, vol. 3: The Underneath - funny as hell, as usual. The heroine still reminds me of me for some reason. Maybe I'm projecting. Good scenes that tie in with what was going on in Daredevil a while back.

The Black Dahlia - first of James Ellroy's Los Angeles books, prequel to L.A. Confidential. Couldn't put it down, though the ending was a little less than satisfactory.

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1 Asperphonius   (1:32pm - Jan 15, 2004)

Could you be taking 'son' to literally? It is a dream after all. Maybe by 'son' it means one of his buildings or something like that? Are any of his buildings named maurice?

2 Kitty   (1:24am - Jan 16, 2004)

Hmmm ... that's a good point.

If I were going to name any of his buildings Maurice, I think it'd be this one.

3 Andy   (10:18am - Jan 16, 2004)

I'm going to have to get that Difficult Conversations book. I work with a guy who can be...well, awkward to work with. (He grew up in the Bronx, and goes way overboard on details, and just generally spends way too much time being in an angry mood...)

In other reading options: I encourage everyone to check out Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them, a look at what kind of a bias the media actually does have.


P.S. That building makes my head hurt.

4 Kitty   (10:30am - Jan 16, 2004)

You know what else is a good book despite its cheese title? Tongue Fu: How to Deflect, Disarm, & Defuse Any Verbal Conflict. I've had good experiences with this book.

I'll check out the Al Franken book - yours is the latest in a long list of recommendations from friends.

5 Jeph!   (11:28am - Jan 19, 2004)

Yeah, that building looks like the Pompatus of Love to me.

I've got Alias vol.3 on order right now -- was going to ask if you wanted to borrow it, but you beat me to it. Rrr.

6 Kevin   (10:53am - Jan 25, 2004)

The Black Dahlia is on my list of favourite books. Unfortunatly, the movie version, now in production, stars Mark Whalberg and Josh Hartnet...

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