Tuesday, January 20, 2004

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geek, geek, geek senora

Big shout-out to all the fellow geeks from Arisia - damn, that was a good time. Here, have some obscure references that only a handful of people will get:

The Orange Room! Secret Con Rave! Guerrilla Dance Party! The wishbone thing! Coin Operated Boy! Byzantium! Goth Macarena! Foam weapons! Glowsticks! Stripy tights! Not finding coffee anywhere but the gaming room, dammit!

I also learned of the existence of the Man-Faye. Fear him.

And then I came home when it was all over and sat on my ass eating kettle corn and reading comic books.

The Golem's Mighty Swing - I usually don't like stories about baseball, but this one about a Jewish exhibition baseball team back in the early 20th century was riveting.
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Jar of Fools - A stage magician down on his luck, his ex-girlfriend, his elderly mentor, and a con man and his daughter. Beautiful art from the guy who did Berlin, but I wasn't such a big fan of the story overall.
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1 Mister Wolf   (2:07pm - Jan 21, 2004)

I spent, like, five minuites at Arisia. Met John, tho'. He's good people.

So, class tonight. Bah!

2 Kitty   (7:52am - Jan 22, 2004)

So, class tonight. Bah!

Are you ... happeeeee? Hehehehe.

Man, I remember when Type 1 finished, and I said that the final poster project seemed huge, and he remarked that it was the first homework assignment of Type 2. I goggled at the time, but now after Intermediate Portfolio it doesn't seem that overwhelming. Kind of. Talk to me a week from now!

3 Hill   (10:14pm - Jan 25, 2004)

Baby, Man-Faye rulez in a totally slashadelic sort of way. Go Cat, Go.

4 (anon)   (7:47pm - Feb 5, 2004)

Arisia was sooooo much fun. And you know, we were just way tooo cool for that DJ. Marcarena all the way, I say.

5 Kimee   (6:59am - Jun 8, 2004)

Oh PLEASE tell me you know the goth macarena song? I have been trying to find it anywhere. I love Arisia but this year kinda sucked for me. The DJ wasn't as good as other years but I had a blast doing the macarena. Need that song. Please help :) Thanx

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