Monday, February 2, 2004

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we're the hub of the universe

On the good side, the Pats won the Super Bowl. Yahhh! Go Pats! Hometown pride!

On the bad side, idiot overenergetic fans decided to go nuts and light bonfires, chuck bottles, trash cars near Northeastern (again!), and knock down a bystander with an SUV.

cartoon from Evan Dorkin's Dork!

You stupid fucks! Quit making my hometown look bad!

recent media intake
I haven't read much in the way of imported manga, but when I read reviews of Fake, I figured I'd give it a try. Nothing says "Hey Kitty come read me" like homoerotic comics about pretty-boy New York City cops. Yeah! The first volume is fun but a bit silly, though I've heard the later volumes get more serious. Reviews on those later. In the meantime, hell, I'm just grateful to have found fun Japanese comics that don't feature (a) post-apocalyptic cities or (b) fighting robot suits.

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