Sunday, February 8, 2004

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you know what else?

It would've been neat if in Return of the King, instead of fighting the armies of Sauron, they'd fought GWAR.

Best. Comic Review. Ever.

Editorial design is actually pretty fun. My new goal (for the next five minutes, anyway) is to work on the design staff for Kerrang! magazine. I like how the mag looks.

Who on earth makes a typeface without any numbers in it? Down with this guy! Boo, hiss!

Here, read an interesting article about kawaii!

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1 Jeph!   (5:19pm - Feb 9, 2004)

Down with which guy?


2 hill   (9:23pm - Feb 9, 2004)

I'd pay money for the GWAR/LotR thing. Really. Like lots of cash. That would be sweetness.

You ever see Gwar when they used to make appearances on daytime talkshows? I don't know if it was Springer or not, but somebody inevitably got hit with a chair when Gwar was around. It was mint.


3 Kitty   (10:38am - Feb 11, 2004)

Down with the guy who made that free font that I downloaded from that one website and now I can't remember where. Not only am I cheap, I'm also useless for info.

According to their website, GWAR is going on tour in May 2004. Who's with me?!

4 Mister Wolf   (2:01pm - Feb 16, 2004)

Someone needs to start doing vicious, Something Awful-style reviews of horrible, incomplete internet typefaces.

In the wrong hands, a copy of 'Fontographer' can be more dangerous than a loaded gun.

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