Wednesday, February 11, 2004

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the girl's got class

And the old term ended, and the new term started, and in place of the one big timesink of a course I got ... two lesser timesink courses! Hurrah! :: stabs self despairingly in eyes with Wacom stylus ::

The worst part about procrastination is the mind-whirlwind of regret, self-confidence, and self-doubt:

Oh no, I did it again. I left all this to the last minute. I won't do that next time.

But wow! Look at these great ideas I managed to come up with at the eleventh hour! I rule!

Wait ... would I have come up with them if I'd started my work earlier? What if I hadn't been in this same mindset at an earlier time? What if that random event today (seeing that particular color sweater, reading that article, etc.) is what spurred this great idea, and if I'd started before now, I wouldn't have been able to come up with it? Do I need to procrastinate to come up with ideas?

Well, in any case, I definitely won't procrastinate on next week's homework.

repeat weekly

media intake
Just finished volume 2 of Fake. I can't put it down - it's really pretty bad, but it's strangely fascinating at the same time. It reminds me of all sorts of slash fanfic I've read in the past, except that the two guys in this book never get anywhere beyond kissing, and most slash stories go something like "Paragraph one: the two guys from The Sentinel show up at the police station for work. Paragraph two: they go at it in the station's supply closet." I've started taking bets in my head every time Fake gets anywhere near actual action. "Oh, there's some kissing ... let's see, when I flip the page, will the two obligatory cute kids interrupt, will the one guy back off and say there was a misunderstanding, or will it be the end of the chapter? ::flip:: Ah, it's the kids! I win a donut."

And maybe this is a manga convention, but I keep running across spelled-out sound effects, like "push" when someone pushes someone else. Weird! It reminds me of the sound effect words I used to see in The Beano when I was a kid. Minnie the Minx would be shown sneaking down the street accompanied by squiggly sound effect lines and the words "sound of sneaking around," things like that. The best ones were always in "Calamity James". Actual example: "uneasy flapping of flowery little drawers!"

In other news, I didn't know I needed it until I found it, but sweet jebus I need a Totoro ear pick.

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1 Mister Wolf   (1:52pm - Feb 16, 2004)

From what I've read, the Japanese apparently use onopatapeia for everything, in comics, whether it actually makes sound or not.

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